Naya Nari

Our Naya Nari Project where the women create beautiful patchwork products. Handwoven with love. 

Plant Rosewood

Every sapling planted is a note in the symphony of sustainability. Your contribution, big or small, fuels our forest restoration efforts and helps preserve biodiversity.

Nurturing Nature, Harmony, and Hope:

At Aranya Niran, we’re weaving a tapestry of hope, where the melodies of nature and the rhythm of community intertwine to protect one of India’s most precious treasures: Indian Rosewood. But this beautiful song needs your voice to resonate through the forests.


A Women Empowerment Project.     Naya Nari stitches wonders from waste, Empowering the women of Sannavalli village. Our products celebrate sustainability and creativity, while providing skill development and empowerment.


Each chapter echoes the spirit of a family, a community, and a legacy woven into the very fabric of the foundation.

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