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Naya Nari

Be a part of our Naya Nari Project where the women create beautiful patchwork products. Handwoven with love. 

Plant Rosewood

Every sapling planted is a note in the symphony of sustainability. Your contribution, big or small, fuels our forest restoration efforts and helps preserve biodiversity.


Nurturing Nature, Harmony, and Hope:

At Aranya Niran, we’re weaving a tapestry of hope, where the melodies of nature and the rhythm of community intertwine to protect one of India’s most precious treasures: Indian Rosewood. But this beautiful song needs your voice to resonate through the forests.


Give a gift. Change a life.

Large or small, your donation helps our women break the cycle of generations.


Each chapter echoes the spirit of a family, a community, and a legacy woven into the very fabric of the foundation.