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On Protecting and Enriching

the Indian Rosewood(Dalbergia Latifolia)


A Legacy Under Threat:
The Plight Of Rosewood.

India’s iconic Rosewood, Dalbergia latifolia, once echoed across vast forests. Now, its population has shrunk by over 80%, leaving a silent symphony in its wake.


0 %
of rosewood trees exist in Karnataka
0 %
of rosewood trees exist in Kerala


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Bake, dance, and donate for the trees. Depending on your choice, it can contribute to our organisation’s goals or give us the extra capability to support a brand new project.


Become a member today and support a greener and healthier future. Trees have stood alongside us for millennia. They are vital to our very existence. And right now, the world urgently needs more.


We are always looking for people to help. Every year, volunteers give their time and enthusiasm to help us achieve our mission by raising money and offering skills, valuable knowledge and time.

We've planted more than 1200
rosewood saplings till now


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These green giants are essential for people, climate, and wildlife. We need to safeguard our forests.


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