In Hindi, Aranya means “forest” and Niran means “infinite”.  We are focused on giving back to nature, recognizing that it will take a 100 years for a East Indian Rosewood tree to mature. We also believe in building a model for lasting, community-driven empowerment fostering dignity and self-confidence, encouraging deprived women to reclaim their worth.

Our pillars

01. Conservation of East Indian Rosewood​

Building a model for Reforestation

Promote Biodiversity

Reducing carbon footprint

02. Promoting Rural Empowerment​

Providing skills

Empowering women

Promoting financial independence

03. Community

Building networks of lasting community support

About Us

Aranya Niran Rosewood Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on the revival and conservation of East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia) species in India &
providing women around the village of Sanavalli (near Mundgod, Karnataka, India) better skills and opportunities.

Our mission extends beyond today — we’re driven to ensure the continuity of the exquisite East IndianRosewood species for guitar enthusiasts and artisans of tomorrow and to
help empower women to prepare them for a better future.

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We actively work with volunteers and organizations from around the world

Introducing the Naya Nari project

Helping to enrich the lives of women of Sanavalli village, Karnataka.

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