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Sannavalli Women's Project:
Where Nature Inspires, Women Design

Calling All Design Visionaries

Do you dream of creations that whisper tales of ancient forests and empower the women who breathe life into them? Sannavalli Women’s Project invites you to collaborate!

Nature's Palette, Women's Hands

Nestled amidst the verdant embrace of restored Rosewood forests, Sannavalli blooms. Here, skilled women transform sustainable resources into exquisite handcrafted products, each stitch and bead echoing the stories of nature and their resilient spirit.

Join the Journey:

  • Co-create with Purpose: Partner with our talented artisans to develop unique collections, fusing your design vision with their time-honored techniques.
  • Ethical Fashion Revolution: Champion sustainable practices and fair trade principles, leaving a lasting positive impact on both planet and people.
  • Be Part of the Story: Immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of Sannavalli, connect with the women behind the creations, and share their voices with the world.

Your Voice Matters

We value your feedback! Help us shape the future of Sannavalli by sharing your thoughts on our existing products:

  • What resonates with you?
  • What styles or designs would you love to see?
  • How can we further connect you to the stories behind each piece?

Meet the Makers

Get to know the hearts and hands behind Sannavalli through captivating stories and interviews. Witness their passion for their craft, their dedication to the forest, and their dreams for a brighter future.

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