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The Aranya Niran Rosewood Foundation blossomed from the heart of Overseas Traders. East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia) has woven its essence into the tapestry of Acoustic and Electric guitar crafting, making its conservation pivotal. East Indian Rosewood stands as a cornerstone in guitar construction. Recognizing its indispensability, our commitment resonates with securing its perpetual presence for generations to come.

Having worked with East Indian Rosewood for 40+ years and understanding its significance and importance, Overseas Traders created Aranya Niran Rosewood Foundation with the aim to give back to nature by planting Rosewood saplings, which will take a 100 years to reach its maturity.

We also empower women around the village of Sanavalli – Mundgod, Karnataka,  by improving their skills so that they can be financially independent.

Our mission extends beyond today — we’re driven to ensure the continuity of the exquisite East Indian Rosewood species for guitar enthusiasts and artisans of tomorrow and to help empower women to prepare them for a better future.

The origins: why now?

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

In 2016, the Dalbergia genus, including East Indian Rosewood, was listed in CITES Appendix II. This pivotal moment prompted a comprehensive examination of the conservation status of East Indian Rosewood. The revelation of a scarcity of scientific data on the subject spurred Overseas Traders into action.

Study on East Indian Rosewood

Fueled by a profound interest in securing the future of East Indian Rosewood for generations to come, we initiated a study in partnership with the Institute of Wood Science and Technology. The study uncovered a concerning lack of regeneration in East Indian Rosewood, highlighting a range of interconnected conservation challenges.

Where We Work


  • Aranya Niran Rosewood Foundation is located in the heart of the native region for East Indian Rosewood in Southern India.
  • We’ve secured a 30-acre plot, ideal for East Indian Rosewood farming. Its location is prime for cultivation, promising growth. Our investment in this farmland holds great potential. East Indian Rosewood will thrive in this ideal setting, fostering community empowerment through sustainable agriculture. 

What we have Accomplished

Planted 2000+ Rosewood saplings

The Aranya Niran Rosewood Foundation emerges as a radiant beacon in the fight against deforestation and climate change. This dedicated organization actively plants rosewood trees, contributing to the restoration and preservation of our precious ecosystems. But their efforts go beyond mere tree planting; they represent a noble mission to safeguard the very health of our planet.

Community Empowerment-
"Naya Nari"

Naya Nari, a Women Empowerment Project, transforms waste into wonders, empowering the women of Sannavalli village. Our creations embody sustainability and creativity, offering skill development and empowerment.

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