our history

From Legacy
to Action:
A Story of
and Hope

Why Was the Aranya Niran Rosewood Foundation Created?

At the core of Aranya Niran lies a profound commitment to conservation, deeply rooted in a legacy shaped by generations of craftsmanship and a love for the Indian Rosewood, Dalbergia Latifolia. The foundation’s inception is a tale that intertwines heritage, environmental consciousness, and the resilience to protect a cherished resource.


In 2016, a crucial moment unfolded when the Indian Rosewood earned its place on the CITES list, signifying a stark decline in its population. This particular species, essential to the very soul of numerous guitars, faced a threat that resonated not only with Overseas Traders but with a cultural heritage built around its use.

A Family's Commitment

Driven by a passion that transcends business, the Aranya Niran Rosewood Foundation emerged as a testament to our commitment to something greater than ourselves. It’s a commitment to preserving not just a species of wood but an entire way of life, a musical heritage, and the livelihoods of those who have, for generations, worked with and cherished this exceptional resource.

They stand up and take action together

That it’s rooted in courage, optimism, and creativity. That when people who believe in those things band together, when they stand up and take action together, their courage is compounded, it becomes contagious. Their voices are amplified, their stories ripple out to change the world. The old stories are failing us – the stories of infinite growth in a finite world. The stories that tell us we can consume our way to happiness.